I spent Christmas and New Year's Day far away from my family. I wanted to stay in California hoping to make money. Although my parents would have wanted to have me with them, they were pleasantly surprised that I have become reasonable and made work my priority. I regret it today. Spending this time of the year alone makes absolutely no sense when we know that a family and friends who love us are waiting for us. The last sunset of 2016, which I watched from the window of the bus that took me to San Francisco, had a somber tint to it, but a surprise was waiting for me on this first morning of 2017. Thanks to the gusts of wind that brightened up my heart, I saw it from a distance as I was walking along the coast. I felt lighter and could fly with those birds for just an instant, imagining my flight towards bright hopes. All of you were by my side, supporting me with your love.

Wishing you a magnificent flight towards your wisest and craziest dreams.


PS: Thank you Kobie for inviting me to lunch on Christmas day at India Sweets & Spices, my favorite restaurant in LA. Thank you Oracle for inviting me to your family Christmas party. Thank you Tricia for welcoming me into your home in San Francisco on New Year's Eve and for spending that beautiful first morning of the year with me.


MAKING OFF : Life is laughing at being shit on!



The Wander Woman

A career as an art director in London and as a photographer, Barbara quit everything to live in a fitted van and produce  "THE HEART OF FRANCE IN 80 DAYS ". Then, she wins the green card at the lottery! She is now in Los Angeles without knowing what's waiting for her except the sun and her dreams to fulfill.

Qui m'aime me suive!


One thought on “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017

  1. Thank you Barbara. Happy New Year to you! I think many of your dreams have already come true. May 2017 see new ones come true too. And may your heart shine with light and delight. Very happy to have you in my life, even if only virtually.

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