My first Burning Man experience!

Many of you have been asking to see my pictures from Burning Man. I didn't really felt like taking any pictures over there, even if the entire playa was just a paradise to shoot photographs. 

I spent pretty much all my life watching others having fun, protected by my camera from the real world. Burning Man is about participating, creating your own world, and having fun with others.

After a couple of days of trying to be a good girl and make pictures for you guys, I just felt tired to be a substitute for others to travel and experience new things from my photographs. No pictures, neither videos will ever be able to make you understand what it feels like to be at Burning man. So I started to try to have fun and strangely enough discovered that it was extremely difficult for me to just play. Something that I will have to work on ... 

I would like however to share with you the most intense moment I lived during burning man:


The Wander Woman

A career as an art director in London and as a photographer, Barbara quit everything to live in a fitted van and produce  "THE HEART OF FRANCE IN 80 DAYS ". Then, she wins the green card at the lottery! She is now in Los Angeles without knowing what's waiting for her except the sun and her dreams to fulfill.

Qui m'aime me suive!


2 thoughts on “My first Burning Man experience!

  1. Hi – I am the dusty dude in the military hat in your video from the Burn. Great presentation by the way. Awesome editing. You should have stopped after taking my picture… I would have taken yours with my point and shoot and then I would have shared the flask I had under my coat. Next year. 🙂

    1. Thanks for getting in touch Mark! I’m glad you like my video. Yeah, see you next year. Add me on your facebook if you use it. Take care

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