Till now I only have introduced you to people I met and photograph. Being on the road can some time be difficult, not having your friends, family or mentor who you can go to get motivate and keep on going, especially when I'm not shooting pictures like last month, to take the time to learn how to create this blog.

So I started to search for inspiring people online, people I would like to hang out with, learn from and evolve by. People who live by similar values as mines, aspire to the same lifestyle and have identical ideas about life and humanity. 

I discovered Cuchira. She has been an olympian rhythmic gymnast, an artist dancing by the side of Madonna, she recently created the Yogance foundation and she is more importantly an honest human being who believe like myself that love and self love can “save” the world, and made it to be her mission. 

What I mostly admire in her is her ability to speak her truth. I’m a listener more than a talker, thinking far too much before to share my opinions scared to be misunderstood or not liked. This blog is a kind of therapy, to dare to express my thoughts and feelings. However my values lead my life and I always act not caring about what people may think. My actions speak my truth but my words stay unheard. I live like in a silent movie, not surprising that my dreams never had any sounds (only since recently) and why I love to travel to countries who I don’t speak the language.

I wrote an email to Cuchira yesterday night. I wanted to thank her for who she is and share with her my heArt. I was scared that my email would get lost in the batch and never get an answer. I was delighted to read her reply in the next morning. Attention, this is what we are all searching, knowing that we exist through others.  It is why I so much love to empower people by pointing my camera at them, revealing their beauty that we too often forget we have, and share this moment together feeling a live.

Thank you again Cuchira for having took the time to look at my work and to have made me feel alive. I hope to have the chance one day to make a portrait of your BeYoutiful being.

You can discover Cuchira on her instagram and her new youtube channel. She is just incredible.



The Wander Woman
I ditched everything to drive around Europe in a camper van,
photographing and sharing the stories of the people I meet.


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